Bainbridge Island

This is Bainbridge Island, WA USA. It’s my hometown. It’s about 10 miles long and 5-6 miles wide and a 35 min ferry ride into Seattle. Sometimes around this time of year you can get lucky enough to see dolphins and orcas. I’ve only seen orcas once, but it was unreal.


Travel book

Some trips are for recharging, some trips are for learning, others for visiting and then there are the ones that inspire.

Our honeymoon wasn't the typical lie on the beach kind of honeymoon. We decided to take a road trip from Paris, along the shores of the west coast of France and down to Barcelona. It was two weeks of some of the most inspiring moments, music, food and people.

When we returned to Vancouver, creativity pulsed through my veins. I wanted to make sure I wouldn't forget this trip. I took to what I know best–paper, design, image and my words. It started as a small memory book but over time it spiraled into a three-part, multi-media, saddle stitch book of our honeymoon.

This book that evokes the kind of designer I strive to be. There is typography–Big bold letters, hand drawn letters, blocks of types. There are all kinds of colour, illustration and hand lettering. I experimented with the dip dye process and learned a ton about book binding while working with the fine people at Rasmussen Bindery. And most of all, I was able to dive into my huge collection of paper that I've been collecting over these years. To say I geeked out a bit could be an understatement.  

This multi-media, three-part, saddle stitch book is an account of the honeymoon. Each part of the book tells the story of our trip from the streets of Paris, to the shores of Belle-Isle-en-Mer, to the artful parts of Barcelona.

When designing this book I wanted to find the best way to tell the story and show all the elements of the book. I asked our friend and neighbour, Brandon Deepwell, master of videography, to help me tell this story visually and to bring this book to life. Like the artist that he is, he created a wonderful film that incorporated Finian and I, our story, our adventure and the book. I'm super grateful. You can watch the short version check out my instagram here or watch the long version down below.

We moved!

We moved! Can you believe it? I can't. After five and half years calling Vancouver our home we decided to pack up our things and move to Ireland. It's a bitter sweet goodbye to Vancouver. Am grateful for the experiences had  here but am looking forward to seeing what's in store in Ireland!

Our old apartment in Vancouver. (Photo taken by  Brandon Deepwell )

Our old apartment in Vancouver. (Photo taken by Brandon Deepwell)

Follow Friday: Grafik

I follow Grafik on twitter. They're an online graphic design magazine posting some of the most inspiring design. Design unlike any other. It's pefect place for inspiration. Happy Friday!

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